Villa Sterk, a  one-storey residence designed within the landscape context was completed last year by the Amsterdam-based architectural firm, Inbo, in Bontebok, the Netherlands. Hidden from the road by walls of trees, the house offers intimacy and tranquility. It’a a peaceful secluded haven, ideal to relax and enjoy the quiet of the countryside. Morning dew, a cup of steaming coffee, the vast expanse of green, the soothing sound of dawn – you don’t need much to unplug from a chaotic lifestyle and give your brain a break. Enjoy the little things.

“Where the tree rampart touches the house, a natural stone wall takes over the guidance of the landscape and at the same time serves as the termination on both short sides of the house. On the south side the stone wall retreats a little and provides a diagonal view of the landscaped garden. The ground floor floats just above the earth as if the house has not yet ‘landed’ and is a guest in the landscape.” The neat, clean-lined architecture encourages the spatial seclusion of the place. Interior feels light and uncluttered. It almost gives you the illusion that you are outside. High efficiency glass distributed along the lateral walls ensure a good penetration of light and warmth. Walls, ceilings and floors are all-white, made of concrete and natural white stone finishes. All materials used in completing this project are durable and high quality.