P12 House is a box-like two-storey beach house near Lima, Peru designed by Martin Dulanto Arquitecto. Fully-connected to the outdoors, the construction features several “cubes”, rectangular-shaped blocks at different scales made of wood and exposed concrete. The main “cube” comprises the living room and it represents the core of the project. Overlooking the serene beaches and the park situated in front of the house, P12 breaks the monotony of “normal” house design, erasing the boundaries between environments by simply removing the walls. Naturally, the┬ásandy beaches and the seashore seem closer to the viewer then they really are.

Asides from the living room, there are other medium sized cubes integrated into the house plan (comprising the main bedroom for instance or the kitchen), which divide the entire living space into smaller units without disrupting the unity and wholeness of it. Interior feels airy and uncluttered. Tastefully decorated, the social area exhales a contemporary feel: soft furnishings in earthy walls marked with yellow dashes, glass tables and railing, luscious floors.┬áThe house’s basement area accommodates 3 bedrooms with corresponding bathrooms and a courtyard with reflecting pool, service bedroom and service bathroom. P12 also features an outdoor barbecue area and a deck and a pool.