Feeling a bit motionless at the office? Buoy Multifunctional Chair is an idea for those of you who enjoy moving around from time to time, even while seated. Sounds intriguing? Just have a look at the project’s rounded shape which allows users to rock, swivel, tilt and turn in order to achieve the perfect position for every task. Manufactured by Turnstone, this fun chair design comes with a built-in handle for adjusting height, as well as for easy manipulation.

We believe the only drawback to this chair is the lack of an adequate back support, but than again, Buoy Multifunctional Chair is not necessarily meant for all-day use. The producers recommended the chair for area rugs, as hard floors are prone to scratching from the repetitive movement. Available in a variety of colors and easy to move around from place to place, we think this project (priced $199.00) could make a great addition for modern offices. Check out the video below and tell us what you think!