Dreaming of a sunny beach near the Atlantic? How about moving into a house that mirrors the freedom of the ocean? We’ve spotted the Sea project, a gorgeous two-storey beach house designed by West Chin Architect. Located in Long Beach, NY, USA, the 5,500 square foot property overlooks the fickle waters of the Atlantic creating special soothing atmosphere. Residents can enjoy spectacular sunsets and explore visually the ocean’s shimmering shroud. The dwelling with a strong connection with the outdoors is the first of its kind to be built with environmentally conscious BBS wood structural panels from Austria.

“These panels let a minimal floor slab thickness and substantial spans, and in the exact same breadth supplies insulation value. The BBS acts as the interior and / or exterior finishes in a lot of situations this was a warm balance to the vast quantity of glass on the façade and the exposed reinforced thermal concrete wall.” The coolest thing about these panels is that they are fireproof and have excellent sound-insulating properties. Other sustainable features include roof solar panels that place power back on the grid during week days, when the house is not in use. Interior feels airy and uncluttered, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding site and encouraging inhabitants to make the utmost of their free time. The living area comes with numerous terraces and lounge areas and can be fully opened when needed, due to the large expanses of glass that replace the walls. Living room is connected to the kitchen and dining area and it accommodates a fireplace and a cement wall adorned with a cute sculptural installation mounted over the stairwell.