Imagined by architect Werner van der Meulen as occupying a blessed hilly plot within a secluded nature estate in Pretoria, South Africa, this impressive 777 square meter residence blends steel, glass and concrete with perfectly manicured laws and reflecting water surfaces. The owner wanted a spacious home with a luxurious feel and Nico van der Meulen Architects played a key role in materializing this dream home. They envisioned and built a home focusing on the living room design, creating a visual correspondence between the inviting outdoor and the open yet cozy interior spaces.

Known as House Boz, the four bedroom dream home was erected with confidence in the everlasting beauty of nature: “The vastness and natural setting of this site inspired a design resembling a bush lodge that responds to nature and its immediate surroundings. Translating this concept into a contemporary home was almost effortless thanks to the location, orientation and natural beauty of the site. The architectural design communicates and reinforces the concept, as can be seen in the selection of materials used and the way the internal spaces relate to the outdoors.”

Strategically placed, square and rectangular rusted steel boxes help create the perfect conditions for the stone-clad walls to extend the house into the landscape. Winning the Lafarge Award for the best architectural use of decorative concrete in South Africa 2013, and the overall award for best concrete work for 2013, the home’s interior was imagined by M Square Lifestyle Design as a plethora of modern furniture – from Molteni & C, Horm, Fantoni, Fontana Arte, Tom Dixon or Foscarini – in earthy colors. Incorporating in situ-concrete, quartzite cladding and rusted mild steel in their raw form, designers composed a vivid and warm domestic space mirroring natural beauty outdoor. Does this blend of materials and colors appeal to you?