What would you say if the coolest spot to have dinner would be… a former chapel? I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to try something like this at least once in my life! And since peculiar seems to be the word that describes best the images below, let’s see what does this place has to offer. Welcome to The Jane restaurant, a spectacular spot in Antwerp, Belgium, that promises to all its guests an astounding culinary experience. So good food is the new religion, after all! But it’s not only the food itself that will make you go “yumm”. Take a look at the crazy décor and start praying! The Amsterdam-based studio, Piet Boon revamped an old military hospital church, creating the perfect setting for exclusive dining.

From dramatic modern design features (such as the imposing sculptural chandelier designed by .PSLAB) to the peeling paintwork (preserved in perfect conditions) and patterned tile floors, the restaurant combines a vintage design line with gorgeous contemporary elements. The result? A unique place where fine dining meets rock ‘n’ roll. The interior abounds in natural stone, oak wood and leather furnishing. An intriguing light installation in the shape of a grinning skull overlooks the dining area. The chapel’s former alter accommodates now the kitchen. Basically, this is where the magic happens. Embraced by glass, it allows guests to assist at the “ritual” of cooking and preparation of dishes. I tell you, this must be the reconciliation place that brings together angels and demons. So dears, is it just me or this sounds like one hell of a gourmet experience at heaven’s doors?