Symbiosis is an eye-catching bathroom project envisioned by Ljubljana-based design studio Desnahemisfera for design firm Kerrock. By stylishly integrating a washbasin within a bathtub, the studio managed to create an innovative shape, one that is completely adapted to the human body. Its unconventional appearance goes hand in hand with generously-sized contemporary bathrooms and minimalist design schemes.

Symbiosis not only ranks high in aesthetics, but embeds advanced technological features as well: “Water temperature and water pressure can be controlled at the touch of a button, while its built-in speakers enable you to play your favorite music on your mobile phone or device while you enjoy a relaxing bath”. Moreover, all plumbing installations are concealed from the human eye in the dual bottom, emphasizing on the clean lines of the object itself. Need more inspiration for your bathroom? Check out this stylish and unconventional hammock and bathtub fusion presented on Freshome a while back!