This mansion, originally designed by Amir Farr in 1973 has been recently revamped by Maxime Jacquet. Gorgeously decorated in neural colours, the house, located in an exclusive residential area in Beverly Hills, reflects the designer’s keen sense of style. His ability to infuse a bold sophistication in everything he touches, made him very popular among celebrities. From contemporary art to photography, Jacquet explores the challenging universe of the visual means of expression. This interior is no exception. A spacious living room opens to a private green courtyard. Luscious floors and white furniture add a touch of glam. Natural materials such as wood and stone were used for defining the new space: one of the walls is entirely made of stone whilst the ceiling was adorned with wood planks.

Coherent and airy, the interior of the mansion is absolutely inspiring. At the very heart of it is love. Love for design and love for grandeur. As a matter of fact, there’s even a “Love” sculpture consisting of letters LO over the letter VE (representing the iconic Pop Art image crafted by Robert Indiana). A set of white stairs leads you to the top floor. The upper lever comprises the entertaining area and the bedrooms. The two environments, indoor and outdoor are connected through a covered terrace, where residents can have coffee enjoying the view. This is the perfect place to call home, don’t you think?!