Inspired by the urban, cosmopolite vibe of Shanghai, SKEW Collaborative redesigned the Wulumuqi Road Apartment. Located at the top-floor of a residential building, the flat, a dull and rigid living space with industrial influences suffered several design transformations to become this dynamic, super-sophisticated home. The core of it remains simple but there are a couple of distinctive new elements that caught our eye: the minimalist furniture, the openness and last, but not least, the edgy geometry displayed throughout the loft. The apartment’s addition, an attic, was completely renewed. It now accommodates the bedroom and a more private study area.

The overall challenge was to enlarge the space and create a modern atmosphere. Extrapolating design and architectural possibilities, the team responsible with the renewal of the flat played with the attic’s angular geometry and figured out a way to create a unitary living space by putting the roof’s geometric pattern into the ceiling, walls and staircase, display a series of overlapping triangles. “This project connects more deeply to the socio-economic roots of its surroundings by searching out the old generation of trades and craftsmen who could not only put their skills to good use, but also rebuild with recycled materials from a city undergoing rapid demolition and transformation.”