Archi-Union Architects completed the design and development of Tea House, an inspiring Chinese home built in the backyard of the studio’s offices in Shanghai. The aim of the project was to embody harmony by integrating enclosure and openness, delightful living spaces and logical construction. A “house-of-the-future” look is discharged by the minimalist concrete and glass exterior, the quadrilateral shape as well as the mature tree embedded in the design.

The Tea House is divided in three parts: “A covered public area is formed towards the open space with the pool, with an enclosed tea house at ground level and library on the first floor where a small triangular balcony extends around the existing tree“. Each interior has a well defined personality, with geometry playing an essential role. Concrete walls, ceilings and floors add up to the spirituality of the place and massive organic shapes seem to detach themselves from the walls, with stunning visual effects. [Photography by Zhonghai Shen]