We were instantly captivated by the original interior design exhibited by Hazukashi House, a contemporary family home envisioned by Alts Design Office in a suburban area of Kyoto, Japan. Seemingly minimalist- if we were to judged by its exterior appearance- this crib bewilders as one steps inside. The core of the dwelling is a common dining spot, where all the family can gather. Extensive use of wood makes this social area fun, friendly and therefore highly welcoming.

But the most original feature of Hazukashi House is its general design “theme”, cleverly materialized in a series of gabled forms spread throughout the interiors. It’s as everywhere you look, children decided to draw pretty houses on paper, and then transferred them into a real home, at a slightly larger scale. A central open wooden stairway, also clad in timber, connects the home’s ground level living zones with the bedroom and study at the upper floor. All in all, this is a home that exudes warmth and bursts with design creativity. How do you find it?