Scandinavian based international architecture studio Lars Gitz Architects imagined and built a contemporary home overlooking the sea. Uniquely designed to serve the owners peace and comfort, this impressive villa by the sea in Aalsgaarde, Denmark, rests in the middle of a green lawn. Capturing panoramas of the sparkling water from behind glass walls, the residence known as Villa From spreads over 390 square meters. A taller volume with two floors was designed to become a seamless space from where the panoramic view can be enjoyed whether you’re working in the open office space or taking a long, well-deserved bath. In all the wings of the house, the internal organization of spaces proves an honest opening towards the surroundings and a visual communication between different spaces.

In permanent contact with the landscape, the modern villa by the sea was planned both as a comfortable residence, and as an architectural jewel. A simple white sequence of stairs constructs an intriguing appearance in collaboration with the first level’s cantilevering floor. The play of volumes and voids and clean design lines backed up by extensive use of glass allowed the architects to add a few striking details like the water feature outdoors and glass stair railings inside. The bathroom makes use of an oversized skylight to flood the interior with natural light without worrying about privacy. Showcasing an inspiring volumetric architecture in white, this spacious villa by the sea contrast its surroundings during the day and becomes a beacon of light at night.