Architect Marc Gerritsen designed an astounding retreat on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand. The wonderful secluded house was built for himself to detach from the urban grind and embrace the low density housing and the quietness of  the landscape. Encompassed by large expanses of green, the dwelling dubbed the Naked House sits “on the top of the world” and encourages a casual living. Rooms are well ventilated and connected to the surroundings. All living spaces feature floor-to-ceiling windows and large sliding glass panels which can be completely opened. An open plan living room overlooks the swimming pool and the ocean. The house is all about spectacular views, peacefulness and simple elegance.

“The house was a return to the basic values in life: good clean air, wide open space, quiet solitude. With these basic values you can be in a space that is uncluttered, and your mind can become still. That’s also the reason behind the very basic materials that I have used: concrete, wood, steel and glass. There are no embellishments. The focus is on the space rather than the materials.” With five impressive floors to enjoy, the house accommodates two bedrooms, a large open living area (including dining and kitchen), an office, laundry room, maid’s room, an open-air bathroom with two tubs overlooking the maze of greenery and a room with a swing bed. How would you comment on this project’s design and location? What does it inspire to you?