Los Angeles is a city of contrasts, youthfulness and free spirits. To capture the essence of this vibrant city, Belgian designer, Maxime Jacquet, created this astounding interior. Jacquet’s particularity consists in fusing high-fashion in all its work. This apartment is no exception. Fashion icons, celebrity portraits, exquisite artwork, textures, colours, shapes and forms – they all merge into one. The result? An eclectic bursting-with-colour living space. The coolest thing about it, except the décor, of course, which is totally awesome and “explosive”, is the view. Located on the nineteenth floor, the flat overlooks downtown L.A.

The beautiful “mess” created by the Belgian designer is… something else! From neon signs to vintage furniture, rugs made of animal skin and Hello Kitty plushies – every element of décor was carefully chosen to create this unique, overwhelming setting. Despite encountering the most unexpected design details, the interior exhales a positive vibe. The peculiar thing about it is that it doesn’t really creates the feeling of a home, but that of a cool and exclusive lounge bar. In my opinion, the place is perfect for small social events and gatherings. Pick up the phone, call your friends, pump up the volume and let the party start! [Photo credit: Tigran Tovmasyan]