The result of a fruitful cooperation between Zieta & Holzano, the Ancient Kauri Table is an elegant furniture piece said to be made using 50 000-year-old wood: “Ancient Kauri is the oldest wood in the world while FiDU is the most innovative technology of flexible steel forming“, the designers stated. Embedding an intriguing mix of ancient and new, this project brings character and originality indoors and addresses home owners who seek value avidly.

Each tabletop is carefully handcrafted by a skilled team of craftsmen in Poland, has unique grain and shifts from gold to brown. Kauri tabletops are finished only with natural TUNG Oil, a drying oil obtained by pressing the seed from the nut of the tung tree. The cost for this special table project? €5800. We appreciate the designer’s idea to emphasize on a precious material in a world where real values are beginning to perish, which is why we decided to share this project further. How do you find it? [Photos and information provided via e-mail  by Holzano]