Lake|Flato Architects designed the wonderful Lakeside Retreat, a compact relaxing home for the weekend. Located in Marble Falls, Texas, the property is surrounded by trees, offering a protective cover from the neighbours. With a direct waterfront access and cantilevered screened porches, the house is the perfect place to disconnect from a crowded lifestyle. The rear porch serves as an outdoor dinning room for the summer. It’s a rather romantic spot and it’s large enough to accommodate a family gathering. Summer days are filled with laughter and fun. Residents can indulge in a vast array of water sports, including kayaking and water-skiing.

The living room and the kitchen (perceived as one unitary place) overlook the lake. The view is inspiring and relaxing. Without exaggerating, it’s medicine for the soul. Most of the materials used in completing the retreat are “Contributing to the casual atmosphere and occupant comfort are right-sized spaces for both large and small gatherings, modern efficiencies such as the lake-based geothermal HVAC system, and the family’s commitment to outdoor living and dining embodied in the lofty screened porch.”