When in need of a change, make house remodel plans! It’s not an easy job to restore your home’s glow and beauty, especially if you’re looking to add new features and update it. Life is constantly changing, therefore the place you spend most of your time in, needs to transform itself too. And since we discuss this issue, we’d like to present you an interesting house remodelling project: a mid-century Lincoln house that has evolved from simple and neat to gorgeous. The renewal was completed by Flavin Architects and it implied adding an array of authentic rural vibes such as spectacular exposed wooden beams and deep overhangs, in other words, a drop of “traditional freshness”.

The house opens to the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing residents to enjoy the lush landscape even when inside. “The design rejects the traditional New England house with its enclosing wall and inward posture. The low pitched roofs, open floor plan, and large windows openings connect the house to nature to make the most of it’s rural setting.” The inside living environment inspires comfort and warmth. Natural materials, neutral colours and rich textures dominate the interior.