PullClean is an extraordinary door handle and instant hand sanitizer developed by the creative minds at the British studio Agency of Design. The aim of the designers was to transform regular door handles- perfect breeding grounds for germs- into groundbreaking sanitizing devices. Even though this is a type of project that could be well implemented in any building, the idea is especially useful in hospitals, where some of the busy staff overlooks the process of hand washing. The worrying truth is that “Hospital acquired infections kill 100,000 people in the US each year,” as Jake McKnight, developer of the PullClean handle stated.

So how does this original door handle actually work? PullClean features a blue area at the bottom which releases hand sanitizer that does not require washing. The device also comes with a powerful CountClean software (patent pending) which monitors rates of hand sanitization, how much sanitizer is remaining in the handle, and when the cartridge should next be changed.

The information can be easily analyzed through a web portal. According to the developers, a pre-production prototype has been used in trials at a US hospital, and trials in a UK hospital are about to begin. Agency of Design reports that since installation, rates of hand sanitising rose from 22 to 77 percent. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the post for more information and feel free to share your thoughts on this design breakthrough!