Project 355 Mansfield is a five-bedroom modern residence designed and completed by Amit Apel Design in Los Angeles, California. The house invites residents to enjoy the benefits of a breezy, well-ventilated living space whilst exploring the contrasts and the artful display of lines. Featuring a magnificent open plan living room, a spacious master bedroom with its very own private balcony and four other bedrooms with bathroom spaces, the house faces a green rear courtyard and a quiet street. Interior is very modern, elegant, with twists of edginess. A good description for the house would be: a wonderful place to relax and forget about the problems at the end of the day, enhanced with Japanese style features.

As expected, simplicity plays a key role in decoration. With project 355 Mansfield, the designer wanted to create a space that breathes, a clean-lined and uncluttered living environment. The neutrality of the interior was softened with wooden accents. Rooms feature dramatic chandeliers or by case, extremely modern light fixtures, Japanese-inspired planters and decorative vases of different forms and shapes. White, grey and black compose the chromatic symphony of the place. “The outdoor yard is enhanced with Japanese style landscaping to create the privacy wanted while also enjoying the California spa. Float up the stairs to the second level and relish the light and airy environment of bedroom and bathroom spaces. Three additional bedrooms offer no less than the same quality design existent throughout.”