Geco Hub by Version 22 is a smart solution for storing precious everyday objects that you can’t afford to lose, from keys to important letters. The unconventional unit is fully customizable and modular, meaning anyone can create a Geco Hub unique to them and can even grow their Geco Hub to fill entire walls. By using a patented flexible matrix to provide a fluid yet secure means of storage, this clever project always has your important belongings at hand.

Geco Hub can be attached to most surfaces without screws – perfect for those places where drilling holes isn’t an option. No more poking holes in the photos, as this system can display paper items like a notice board, but doesn’t require pins or other fixings. Available in five different colors which can be mixed and matched, there are no limits to where and how you can integrate this product in your home. Have a look at the video below for more information and if you wish, you can support the project via its Kickstarter campaign! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Version 22]