Nested in Clyde Hill, Washington, Hemocoel Residence is a modern two-storey home with narrow roof lines designed by Elemental Design in 2013. The project consists of three interconnected volumes, partially cladded in wood. Angular forms and shapes play a key role in defining the structure, especially at its upper part. I’d dare to say that the design is a little bit unusual, due to the strange interweaving folded planes.

“The Hemocoel roofs rise slowly from the sides. Narrow roof lines form a series of tiers that place the upper level of the two-story house back from the street. A vertical chimney element grounds the floating roofs, joining the open areas on the different levels.” However, the dwelling looks/feels modern and fresh. It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows around the front door, allowing you to see bits of the interior. Transparency is an asset. House has its own front and back courtyards, to offer privacy from all neighbours. Interior is brightened with rich colours. Natural stone embellishes one of the living room walls, the one that houses the fireplace. The use of natural materials, such as marble, wood and stone enhance the pleasant organic feel of the overall design.