This dramatic all-white renovated apartment is the work of Vladimir Malashonok. Located in the very heart of Moscow, it’s one of those gorgeous living spaces that highlight style and class. The Russian designer remodelled the place for a family of two with a limited budget, therefore, some of the materials used were really simple and inexpensive (laminated panels, tiles, gypsum). Despite the excessive use of white, there are a series of features that create a “wow” effect. Contrasting and dynamic forms and shapes (light fixtures and chandeliers, cut-outs and furnishing details), dominate the interior.

A home can be gorgeously decorated with little money and still inspire elegance and sophistication. Having a place that glows does not mean that one has to invest a fortune in it. It means to find the right people to work.“The renovated space includes the hall, guest lavatory, combined kitchen/living room/dining room, the cabinet, the master bedroom with a bathroom and a gym. The designer’s aim was to create a minimalistic but dramatic interior, putting together the dynamic and contrast shapes and the functional space itself.”