Located in Richfield, Wisconsin. Fieldstone House by Bruns Architecture is an example of modern living sinuously integrated within a rural landscape. The project gets its name from he fieldstone wall which organizes circulation beginning south of the entry, continuing through the interior spaces and extending back out to the north. Two volumes make up the project: a taller one housing the living zones and a smaller, flat-roofed structure on the field side where the auxiliary spaces are situated.

Paying tribute to minimalism, the interior design scheme redirects attention towards the surrounding landscape. Extensive use of glass throughout allows natural light inside, while enhancing textures. A board-formed concrete chimney acts as the focal point of the open plan living room, engaging both levels. According to the architects, the house has low-e, argon filled triple pane glazing throughout and radiant heat is utilized within polished concrete floor slabs on both levels. Enjoy the virtual tour! [Photo credits: Tricia Shay Photography]