The brief for this modern single-story cubical house in Cologne, Germany, by Gatermann + Schossig architects was to provide a perfect indoor-outdoor connection and feature a self contained apartment. The new dwelling offers two high rooms, each with extensive views of the neighboring park. By choosing a homogenous metal façade, the architects produced an unobtrusive contrast to the otherwise chromatic X1 house, a heritage-protected residence that was built by Peter Neufert on the property in 1959.

The multitude of transparent perspectives allow the inhabitants to witness nature in a peaceful and creative environment: “Despite the reduction of the surface area to suit the use related dimensions, the rooms convey a sense of variable and fascinating spaciousness, which is supported by both the multifaceted lines of sight and the sun and light conditions that change along with the respective season and time of day.” Concrete core cooling, controlled living ventilation, air, water and heat pump all contribute to low energy consumption. How would you comment on the design of this modern residence?