CHK Arquitectura designed and completed Maza House, a residential project built for relaxation purposes. Nested near Lake of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, it was envisioned as an open space that allows residents to experience nature even when inside and offer a deeper sense of nature. The boundaries between the environments tend to disappear whilst the colours inside mirror the majestic scenery surrounding the house. This is a home that totally embraces nature and welcomes it inside. Living room, located at the ground floor features glass sliding doors and overlooks the terrace and the lush gardens.

Access to the house is possible only through a narrow bridge over the creek. House was built on three levels: basement, accommodating the service are and the garage, ground floor housing the social area (living room) and first floor, comprising the private areas. Naturally, bedrooms feature the best framed views of the nearby lake. All levels of the house can be accessed from the outside through an exterior staircase. Interior feels breezy and unitary, “built as the sum of different spaces, each one is designed as a scene. In the passage from one to another the change of materials, varying light levels, the routes and the apparition of exterior views are the resources that modulate and enrich the experience of walking the house.”