In order to help home owners choose the perfect swimming pool layout, the team at Glass Tile Store put together an inspiring infographic. Listing the strengths and weaknesses of some popular and classic swimming pool shapes, the graphic below is both interactive and easy to follow. Depending on the size and shape of their property, home owners can choose one of the following swimming pool shapes: rectangle, oval, L-shaped, lazy L, kidney-shaped, Figure 8, Roman & Grecian and free form pools.

Each style is briefly described, making it easy for readers to begin their research upon finding a swimming pool shape that fits their needs. Vinyl, fiberglass and concrete are the three types of in-ground pools available on the market, with vinyl being the least expensive. As far as finishing materials go, glass tiles are the most versatile. At the end, you can read some tips that will help ease the process of building your own swimming pool. Find the information below helpful?