DOSarchitecture, an architecture studio based in UK, completed this year a single-family residence, a cheerful house with a true personality in Little Venice, London. Bright and lively, it inspires elegance and comfort. The back of the house accommodates an atrium made of glass encasing the dinning room. It’s open, offering wonderful views of the garden and it’s connected to the kitchen and living room. Literally, it’s the coolest place in the house: you can sit and work from here, admire the blossoming garden, dine or why not, just spend your free time relaxing with a good book in your hands and a nice view.

Check the rich textures, the colours and the fresh décor! Every single detail selected to decorate the interior was carefully chosen to create a cheerful/ full of positive energy living space.  Infused with natural light, the house feels airy and very connected to the rear garden. Stunning light fixtures decorate the entire social area. With unique shapes and sizes, they add a sense of contemporary. The “good mood” encircling the house resides from the interesting experiment of mixing a range of different styles. Classic features intermingle with organic and modern ones. Results? A wonderful place to call home, infused with exuberant colours.