This modern beach house located on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia was envisioned as a timber driftwood box covered by a simple, yet more contemporary looking white roof. Despite its simple exterior shape, the Lamble Residence by Smart Design Studio can be truthfully considered an example of opulent modern living. From its elevated position, the house offers 270? views of the ocean and nearby headland, part of the Great Dividing Range (Australia’s most fascinating mountains).

The layout of the residence was well adapted to the environmental challenges, as the architects explained : “We chose to make the most of the views, as well as the sunny and protected northern aspect, by positioning the living and sleeping spaces to that side. Service rooms including the bathrooms, laundry, and garage, are located to the south. All of the rooms open onto generous outdoor spaces, on different sides of the house, ensuring protection from the changeable seaside winds.” The minimalist interior design scheme and color palette direct attention towards the natural richness outdoors. How do you like the views it offers? [Photography: Sharrin Rees]