Located in Miami, Florida, USA, this luxurious two-level apartment envisioned by Mila Design showcases an intriguing mix of materials and textures. An open plan living and dining space, with an inviting lounge area in the middle sets the tone for an elegant and highly fashionable crib. High ceilings, extensive use of glass and white walls give away a pronounced sense of space. The functional zones- kitchen, dining and living- are cleverly individualized by employing original decorating items and bold textures.

Above the lounge area you will notice an intriguing concrete-textured ceiling, complementing the gray carpet below. Wooden accents were used in the kitchen and dining space. Lacquered flooring adds an interesting contrast to the overall design scheme. The color palette is kept simple, with the white, gray, beige and brown hues enhancing the elegant feel of the apartment. Find the place inviting? What decorative elements do you believe stand out? [Photography by Chibi Moku]