Maple Set Knives is an innovative set of two culinary knives prototyped by the Ottawa-based design firm, Federal Inc. Featuring a sleek design, these utensils break the mould of traditional thinking on everyday products. Forget about the regular kitchen appliances you use on a daily basis. We bet you didn’t experience so far knives almost entirely made of maple. So, what makes Maple Set Knives set so special besides the material? First, there’s the refinement. Second, the contrast. Third, that organic feel that comes from the “excessive” use of wood. Basically, it has all the ingredients to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Each knife is made of a single piece of maple wood, conferring a sense of warmth and elegance to such a mundane item. The blade was transformed into a subtle detail that compliments the overall design. “The project goal was to not only produce a beautiful product but to break the mould of traditional thinking on everyday products; to get people to think differently about what they see around them and how they see it. And with this project we believe we have succeeded in breaking that mould.”