Sule Koc, an Istanbul-based industrial designer created Sofist, an intriguing and thought provoking furniture item. The distinguished piece is made of a simple metallic framework, decorated with pillows. With unique features, such as special “pockets” for storing books and a small adjacent wooden board, Sofist is the type of item that adds a sense of craziness to you home. It’s a minimalist sofa with industrial twists. You can’t sleep on it, but it’s nice for reading and relaxing. An all-in-one sofa with a cage-like design. Naturally, it’s simply not for everybody. It takes a little bit of courage to “try this at home”.

This sofa is an excellent example of “less is more”. If you feel like changing a little bit the environment you live in, without making a big fuzz out of it, Sofist my be an interesting  acquisition. And if you’re into industrial/ minimalism, chances are that you’ll love it! The item “comes in a form which is actually its basic framework. Stripped out of the unnecessities, the construction makes it possible to create space for storing books and extra pillow for comfort. The inner space  can be a preferable place to sleep for pets.”