STEEL by Fontanot (you may remember the company’s elegant staircase we published on Freshome a while back) is the solution designed for those who want color to be part of their everyday life, and for those who like the brilliant freshness of painted steel better than the warmth of wood. STEEL is a spiral staircase which, as the name implies, is made of steel and comes in the classic colors (white, black, grey and steel) as well as the brilliant shades of blue, green, yellow and red: a valuable piece of interior decoration in the hands of those that believe our home is the best way of conveying who we are. 

Moreover, the most modern color perception theories in art and design maintain that it produces rhythm and movement. In the case of staircases, where identical elements are placed one after the other in a regular pattern creating a play of light & shadow and voids & fills, color affects our mood and the visual rhythm it produces can transmit the same feelings as music and dancing. How would you comment on the colorful designs below? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Fontanot]