Mattress ticking manufacturer DesleeClama developed Sleeping Tomorrow, a revolutionary sleeping concept designed by renown designer Axel Enthoven that was presented as “the bed of the future” at Interzum 2013 in Cologne. This prestigious designation was given to the Sleeping Tomorrow bed not only for the organic design, but also for the state-of-the-art technical features that are creatively integrated into the patented knitted fabric – strategically designed with the central theme of optimal sleep in mind.

Cutting-edge optical fibers and copper yarns are actually knitted into the fabric of the mattress to “sense” whether the sleeper is a bit too hot or a tad too cold. “This bed shows which applications are possible with the innovative fabrics of DesleeClama” says Enthoven. “The true advantage of a knitted fabric is in the open structure which allows designers like me to apply additional functionalities such as lighting, sound absorption, sensors, control panels and invisible speakers which truly enhance the sleep experience.” How do you find this bed design? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Deslee Clama]