Luigi Rosselli Architects  designed this charming modern countryside house in Armidale, Australia. Exploring the benefits of rural living and carefully analysing the needs of the clients which developed a deep passion for collecting indigenous artefacts, the team responsible with the project came up with an interesting house concept.  On the inside, it boasts a refined modern-like urban finish adorned with artwork and objects collected from Africa and Asia. Quite a museum we’re having here, I’d dare to say, so forget about all those countryside clichés!

As the sun raises up upon the pristine meadows, the fog gently covers the valley.  The residence, serving as a year-round refuge, frames unique views and surprises some of the most interesting morning phenomenons. Not only the subtle form of the house, but also its crisp urban finish stand out among the farm sheds located nearby. Integrating passive solar design principles, High Country House (as the project was dubbed) is a comfortable and warm home, withstanding harsh winter climate. To get a better understanding of this, here’s what the architects have to say about it: “The 1000 meter of altitude are felt outside with cold winter fog covering the valley, whilst inside the house is a refuge enhanced by strongly integrated passive solar design principles. The concrete and the tanks provide ample thermal mass to balance the temperature extremes that high country encounters.”