This elegant apartment in France’s Cap d’Ail, a town not far from Monaco, harmoniously welcomes the outdoor inside. Natural colors of sand and stone were merged with nuances of the sky and the sea at dusk to create a comforting suite of spaces. Impressed by the natural beauty of Cote d’Azur, the talented team of NG Studio was inspired to create pure, delicate interiors. Private and uncluttered, living spaces creates the illusion of a perfect collection of rooms, where nothing hints at everyday life and yet feels so comfortable and inviting.

Architects say that “the whole interior demonstrates an idea of relaxing in a space where everything is subordinated to functionality.” The spacious apartment was divided into the public and the private areas: “The first is a common space of three functional blocks (lounge, kitchen and living room), flowing into each other. The logical continuation of the living room has an open terrace.”

Bright green accents create a connection to the outdoors. This Cap d’Ail apartment was carefully designed to look and feel as elegant as possible, encouraging the owners to live an uncomplicated lifestyle within a harmonious atmosphere and functional environment. This is the second stunning apartment we’ve seen designed by NG Studio in Cap d’Ail. And you surely remember the extravagant St. Petersbug apartment. The question is: which one is your favorite?