Functionality, comfort and aesthetics are the cornerstones of every kitchen. In this post we will feature 12 exquisite kitchen designs celebrating innovation.

A new generation acrylic stone, HI-MACS® is a material that is designed and produced by LG HAUSYS, a world leader in the technology sector, and distributed by LG HAUSYS EUROPE, based in Geneva (Switzerland). Due to its thermo-formable properties, its wide range of colors, its translucency and the invisible joins, HI-MACS® is able to provide an infinite number of designs and exclusive finishing. Moreover, this material can be worked as easily as wood as it is easy to handle and to cut.

Its smooth, non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and ensures a high degree of resistance to heat and everyday disinfectants. The kitchen is thus totally aseptic and particularly suitable for contact with food, resistant to humidity, stains, scratches and liquid penetration. Without further ado, here are some outstanding projects that can help enhance a modern home:

#1. Blissful and Bright: ISLAND PURE

In using extremely bold pop colors, the ISLAND PURE kitchen island envisioned by Adriana Tihon of Atvangarde Surfaces is a perfect balance between elegance and innovation. Its original charm and attention to detail go flawlessly with the most avant-garde interior designs. The energetic colour of HI-MACS® Banana is used on the entire worktop as well as the breakfast bar shelf. Small lamps create beautiful lighting behind the smooth curves of the island and keep the Minimal Art aspect intact.

#2. Creative and Futuristic: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Kitchen Island

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Kitchen Island is a true work of art, ingeniously crafted by designer Xavier Bonte. When all of the doors are closed, the technical aspect of the island disappears, creating the shape of a cloud in the sky or spaceship in outer space. Its blue lines contrast to resemble the white contrails of an airplane in the blue sky. Thanks to the flexibility of HI-MACS® new generation acrylic stone, it was possible to incorporate an induction cook-top, two sinks, a tap and four drawers into the island. The top of the island unit, which opens and closes electronically by remote control, reveals a ductless range extractor. The bright HI-MACS® Lucent Opal sideboard reinforces this kitchen’s innovative and stylish features. Finally, a slightly indented table is located on the opposite side of the work area for casual meals and general relaxation.

#3. Vintage and Avant-Garde: AIR

Thanks to the properties of acrylic stone, the Air kitchen by deVOL reflects the best of the last and current centuries, with a style that is both classic and timeless. The wooden structure blends with laminated aluminum end panels covering the HI- MACS® doors. Its functionality can be seen in its drawers and kitchen doors, with their handy, easy opening system.

#4. Luxurious and Functional: PAXMANN

Paxmann Design develops projects with no limits. This is why it has chosen HI- MACS®, to create a luxurious, futuristic kitchen that combines forms and proportions with technical and electronic devices in a uniform manner. Its bold lines defy the laws of physics and gravity, thanks to an angular surface that floats above the ground and hides drawers without handles that open and close automatically.

#5. Organic Island: A Kitchen from Romania

Designer Irina Stoica of Atvangarde Surfaces envisioned an organically shaped island inspired by tree leaves for a family of four in Bucharest, Romania. A white HI-MACS® worktop recalls the outline of tree branches, creating a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere ideal for cooking.

  #6. Simplicity and precision: Simone Piva

This minimalist kitchen designed by Simone Piva and photographed by Francesca Bottazzin has all these features and its pale white color blends perfectly with other materials and objects. Simple lines and integrated lighting make it a bold contemporary statement. Find it appealing?

#7. Fun, colorful and functional: Kantoorloft

With its solid, natural appearance Kantoorloft (manufactured by Melis Interieur) enriches a space with fun and colour. Its rounded edges and compact size create functionality together with design and originality. The use of HI-MACS® has allowed gentle finishes, enhanced by the shades of the kitchen and the structure and shape of the cupboard doors.

#8. A Cascade of Light: Loft in Vienna

In redesigning this bright, spacious loft situated in the heart of Vienna,  A01 Architects & ZT GmbH designated this 36 m² kitchen to be the meeting point and communication area for the family of five that lives there. The island, which extends into a dining table, has a fluid design and is made entirely of HI-MACS®. The Alpine White shade of the whole kitchen, including the drawers, gives a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene that is fundamental in a large family kitchen.

#9. Luxury and Minimalism: MARU

A minimalist outline and simple shape are the features of this kitchen designed by DODK and made exclusively of HI-MACS®, a material with unique technology and detailing capability. The white color enhances the elegance of a kitchen that combines fascinating solutions for storage with innovative work surfaces. The convex and concave modules make this kitchen unique, giving it a playful touch but also guaranteeing an excellent ergonomic quality and rendering it totally functional. The S-shaped base gives enough space for a comfortable use of the hob and the sink, which combine perfectly with the work surface.

#10. Futuristic Kook kitchen by Karim Rashid

The kitchens Kook and Karan, designed by Karim Rashid for Aran Cucine, are an example of simplicity and originality with a futuristic design. In the Kook model, the work surface made of acrylic stone is approx. 90 cm deep: the perfect place for all the latest generation household appliances. LED lighting created a sophisticated environment with a brilliant appearance.

#11. Ergonomic Karan Kitchen by Karim Rashid

The Karan model enhances the dining area with its gentle curves. Creativity blends with minimalism, resulting in a surprising visual spectacle. The kitchen is the result of optimal design, thanks to HI- MACS® properties and material.

#12. Elegance and Minimalism: A Loft in Belgium

Located in the famous Het Eilandje area of Antwerp, this loft is as elegant inside as it is outside, thanks to its curved facade designed by Joke Holvoet of Elft Interiors. Elegance is a feature in all the spaces in the home, which interact and are enhanced by the quality materials used for their construction, like durmast and latest generation HI-MACS® acrylic stone. The large work surface is joined to the table thanks to the properties of acrylic stone, which makes both homogeneous and uniform. The asymmetric shape of the kitchen makes it one of the most striking spaces in the home and it perfectly complements the surrounding spaces.