When I think of London, I think of this extravagant city that stands out through a distinct urban vibe, architecture, diversity, people and last, but not least, contrasts. London is an inspiration and a delight for the soul. On one hand, you’ve got a city filled with history and on the other, a modern and rushed metropolis. Mirroring the contrasts of old and new, this city presents a variety of architectural treasures. And since we were looking here and there for inspiration, we’ve stumbled upon a magnificent home, a project redesigned by Andy Martin Architects, near Hyde Park: Mews 04. And we have to say it: it’s absolutely ravishing!

The classical interior has been enriched with AMA’s contemporary interventions. Stark colours have been softened to fit a more modern lifestyle. Results?! A mix of styles (from Art Deco to minimalism right through neoclassicism) and an incredible living space! From the outside, the house looks rather like an impressive theatre with an adjacent generous garden. It features five bedrooms and a a private outdoor space. “A new floating stair divides the house in two with a new roof light bringing natural light to the centre of the house. Dyed and brushed solid oak flooring runs throughout, from the stairs, flooring and the doors. In the bathrooms, solid marble bath and basins carved to Ama’s synonymous organic style are laid delicately with the warmth of a timber floor and walls.”