Patrick Ahearn Architect designed and completed the 31 South Water Street project. Nested in the southern part of Cape Cod,  Massachusetts, the house opens to the harbour and the large expanse of water. Distinguishing itself through a neat colonial-style, the mansion features a generous rear garden where residents can spend their free time enjoying the views over the meadows out to the ocean or simply lingering over a cup of coffee. House features two floors, a garage, several wide terraces and an attic. The terraces, located at the superior floors can also serve as a more private lounge areas. All front windows have shutters to block street noise and add privacy from street-level views.

The design of the house meets the needs of the owners: they wanted “a gambrel style summer cottage reminiscent of those built just after the turn of the century, and added onto over the years.” Something simple and open, “yet significant enough to accommodate family and friends year-round.” In other words, a warm and welcoming home, to bring together people that matter. House is both functional and beautiful. Once more, P. Ahearn proved his masterful capacity in designing quality work, inspiring the life of his clients.