The city of abundance and wellbeing, Los Angeles is best known for its unimaginable luxury mansions belonging to the affluent class. We’ve stumbled upon several residential projects among which West Knoll (West Hollywood), this fabulous private residence encompassed by lush greenery. A pure delight for the eye, the house was completed in 2013, by Amit Apel Design, Inc. As you probably already know it, openness is one of the best feature a house can have. The connection with nature brings many benefits: the permanent feeling of being outside, well-lit and natural ventilated interiors and many others.

West Knoll means luxury and soothing ambience. You look at it and it fascinates you. A front garden spreads ahead. The large amount of vegetation provides a private atmosphere and creates the perfect nook to enjoy a fine afternoon, indulging yourself sunbathing and swimming in the clear water of the pool. House spreads over two floors and it boasts several outdoor deck spaces (including a rooftop terrace) to enjoy the best of views. Tones of beige and white dominate the interior enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. Design is warm and cozy, elaborate and elegant, offering a preview of the perfectly relaxed California living.