Nested in the breathtaking region of Charlevoix, Canada, Malbaie VIII Residence is a reinterpretation of a traditional barn with a neat, uncluttered interior. The indulgent feeling of calmness reigns, spreading its charm over the neighbouring forests. The maze of greenery encompassing the house, the St. Lawrence River, the fresh sound of morning, the soothing rays of sunlight – all these elements contribute to create the perfect atmosphere for a permanent mountain retreat. The modern villa is partially wrapped in a dark grey metal cladding (sides and roof) while rest of it is coated in white cedar planks.

“The experience of the house takes root in the basement, within its wood cladded and concrete formed walls, where a large playroom and children’s dormitory cohabit. At the ground level, the main lobby, entirely covered in wood, welcomes you in a cozy spa-like atmosphere. From the main entrance you can access four large en-suite bedrooms and the main staircase.” Interior feels cozy: white cedar wraps the walls. In contrast to the wooden finishings, the furniture is dark, contemporary and minimalist. The center of the living area is occupied by a suspended fireplace, also very modern and elegant. The different levels of the house are connected through a staircase with a strong character: cedar steps and raw hot rolled steel handrail. [Photo credit: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard]