This contemporary country house designed by Ana Cristina Faria in collaboration with Maria Flavia Melo exhales freedom and heightens the sense of serenity. Envisioned as a wonderful rustic retreat, it connects the inhabitants with the outdoors, inviting them to enjoy the exotic and luxuriant surroundings. Located near Sao Sebastiao das Aguas Claras, Minas Gerais, Brazil, the dwelling boasts a spacious terrace and an open space living area. Its particularity consists in displaying traditional furniture items combined with modern ones. The view is absolutely breathtaking, charging you with joy and freshness.

Contrasts play a key role in defining the living/ social area of this home: nature meets technology, dynamic colours meet earthy hues, luxury meets tradition. Despite these huge differences, everything falls together, creating a neat and elegant interior.  Outside, the lounge area includes comfortable lounge chairs and a L-shaped swimming pool. Forget about the urban rush and decor, this is a privileged space, dears, a nook for the body, mind and soul!