Aemer Architects designed the 13 Cove Grove, a private luxury mansion, located in Singapore. Its connection with the waterfront is on all levels: from structure (curving like a boomerang to facilitate views), to the transparent interior and the timber deck extending from the house into the pier. Opening toward the lap pool, it offers a relaxing view and a calming zen feeling. Moreover, a water feature wraps the entire ground floor. When it comes to the structure, 13 Cove Grove is a complex piece of architecture, that enhances the feeling of space, unlike many other rectilinear houses on similar plots.

“The house opens toward the waterfront in a much more transparent and open manner through glass enclosure, timber deck and balconies. Aamer also varied the spaces of the house sectionally.” On one hand, the ground floor was envisioned as a fluid unitary space, comprising living and dining. The second floor, on the other hand, boasts compartments, with bedrooms framing different views of the landscape. There’s also a third floor, accommodating a home office. The dominant colours are black and white. The infallible blend of colours inspires elegance and refinement.