Located on the northern end of Camano Island, the Tsunami House is a compact waterfront residence with a highly reinforced structure. Carefully designed by Designs Northwest Architects to withstanding tsunamis and powerful wave actions, the house features on the ground floor flexible multi use spaces instead of regular rooms. Naturally, the neatly designed living spaces wouldn’t help much in the event of a storm surge. Generically dubbed “Flood Room”, the lower level opens to both sides (street and shore). “Clear glass overhead doors open up to the waterside deck facing north, and translucent overhead doors open to the entry courtyard facing south, allowing privacy from the road.”

The house’s structure is a mix of concrete, hardwood and and metal. The exact same range of materials was used to define and decorate the interior.  A steel stair (made of bent plate steel) connects the ground floor with the living room (located upstairs). The main living area is less dull and it was designed with a little bit more style. It’s all about the colours and the views! This floor comprises also the kitchen and the dining area. The nicest spot in the house (featuring the best water views) is definitely the bedroom, located on the second floor. It completely opens to the shore, allowing inhabitants to explore the limitless expanse of water.