Just like a stingray going through the water, Manta Rhei from Selux, is a delicate OLED-based luminaire which is constantly changing its appearance. Promising a new experience of light, Selux in collaboration with ART+COM explored the potential of OLEDs, transforming light from a mundane necessity into a vibrant architectural and design element. This complex system was possible by combining two forms of movement, the mechanical movement of the fixtures and the animation of the light itself. The sophisticated luminaire, which could easily embellish the ceiling of a bar or restaurant gives you the illusion of floating in its very natural rhythm. The truth is that there is a broad range of pre-programmed choreographies to choose from, in order to obtain the effect you desire.

Each blade composing the luminaire is set with 10 OLED lamps, all controlled though a central unit. “The body incorporating 140 ultra-thin Tridonic OLED modules is able to combine individual lighting scenarios and movement sequences to form a unit. Among other things, the luminaire simulates the gentle movement of a manta ray. Thanks to the OLEDs’ intelligent control system, the quantity of light emitted remains constant. The result is a fascinating combination of lighting control and kinetics.” The installation can be adjusted based on your preferences: it’s totally modular. Its delicate, yet futuristic design can radically transform an interior: going from regular to sophisticated.