What do you think makes a traveler’s apartment captivating? The French architects at were commissioned by a globe-trotter to develop a creative dwelling, fit for a nomadic life lover. With a total surface of 150 square meters, the abode is packed full with ingenious design ideas. It took almost two years for the project to be finalized, but the result is spectacular.

In the middle of the rectangle-shaped apartment layout, a module was created, functionally dividing the interiors: ” Clad in a single material (mutene timber), it provides continuity and consistency while the rooms that gravitate around it have their own decoration:  carpet of cement tiles in the kitchen, tartan mosaic in the shower room, bookshelf wall paper in the office, decorated tiles with balloons in the bathroom“. The most striking feature of the apartment is a massive pile of suitcases, providing storage and inspiring the need to take off again soon. Enjoy the photos! [Photography: Karo Avan Dadaev]