Sommelier’s Home is an imposing family abode envisioned by Sándor Dúzs &Architema /Lajos Kuknyó and located in the suburban area of Budapest. The asymmetrically structured facades with their vast glazed surfaces, and the vertically shifted roof levels make both the building and the interior spaces highly contemporary. The reasonably linked spaces, the striking zone connections, and the enduring materials, as well as the furniture and fittings all create a delicate, yet cozy environment for the everyday life of a family of four.

The clear interior design concept is prevalent in the conscious color choice: starting from the cellar the tones turn gradually lighter. The darker shades of the cellar flooring, the rough oak surfaces, the greenish hues, and the gold lining that highlights the individually lit wall recesses feature the modern version of the classical wine cellars. The ground floor is dominated by elegant greys and modest drabs, whereas beige, chalk-white and a few warmer tones prevail in the intimate spaces of the first storey. The sometimes bold, sometimes moderate match of the distinctive elements shows a truly delicate sensibility; all shapes, colors and materials integrate in a surprisingly natural way. [Project by Sándor Dúzs & Architema Ltd, Lajos Kuknyó ; Interior Design: Architéma Ltd. ;  Lajos Kuknyó, Gabriella Krúzs, Gábor Lipták; Photographer: Tamas Bujnovszky]