Displaying an interesting Z-shaped design, Lv-Z House (Puebla, Mexico) is one of those modern homes that catches your eye with its neat, clean-lined exterior. The architects from NonWarp set the target high, aiming to create a contemporary living space infused with both, simplicity and quirkiness. Away from conventionality, Lv-Z is a playful array of openings and opaque areas that respond differently to privacy and light.

One of the facades is completely closed, avoiding direct sunlight whilst the others let the warmth and light fully in. “The opposite facade serves as a service corridor in addition to leaving the building separated from the adjoining house. This way, the other two facades contain the openings, windows, one with smaller horizontal elements overlooking the side street and the other facade with continuous windows overlooking the garden.”  The residence features two floors: living room (with integrated dining room), kitchen and service area at the ground floor and bedrooms and secondary living room at the top floor.