Stonington Residence is a renovated historic house neighboring a large meadow in Connecticut, USA. Initially developed by architect John Lincoln in 1945, the project encapsulates some interesting features: “Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence is evident in Lincoln’s use of stone, corner windows and a flat roof. Due to the nature of the materials and construction methods used on the original building, the design process was akin to an archaeological investigation, revealing the home’s unique details, and incorporating its materials and methods into a new design“. The outdoor areas-garage, swimming pool, studio and patios- were organized with the help of natural rock outcroppings.

As you step inside, you will notice how a stone wall acts as the primary organizing device and contributes to an original interior design. A variety of colors and textures make this place feel like a real home. The positive vibes of the surrounding natural landscape are allowed inside through extensive glass openings in every room. [Photography: David Sundberg | Esto]