The Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture is an intriguing concept consisting of modular functional units “hidden” behind a pretty looking wall. The idea of hidden kitchen components has been around for a while, yet this system is innovative: “The patented Stealth technology is UL listed. Stealth Modules in the form of pantries, double ovens, island units, washer/dryer laundry centers, and dry/wet bars among many others can be used to create limitless kitchen configurations“. Moreover, the wall beneath which these units are concealed can be custom-designed to integrate well within a variety of contemporary interior schemes. Have a look at the presentation video to better understand the complexity of the project:

Some will argue that the concept pays tribute to minimalism, in a time when most home owners also want to add that touch of warmth. And how can you do that with a bare wall? But just think about how this type of kitchen can enhance the sculptural significance of all the other objects in the living room and how it will direct focus on that beautiful view! We also think a “hidden” kitchen can do wonders in a small space. What do you believe are the strengths of this design?