Exhibiting a dramatic architecture composition, the Wentworth Rd house by Edward Szewczyk Architects takes full advantage of the Sydney Harbor views and climate. An interplay of horizontal lines defines the exterior of this three-level home, making its imposing silhouette difficult to miss when strolling through the neighborhood. The opposite facade opens up towards an inner garden and a swimming pool.

Here is more from the official project description: “External sandstone slabs change internally to much finer sandstone for the floor and coarse sandstone of wall cladding relates to the entry point. The building displays large transparency, while maintaining sufficient mass to provide feeling of sound shelter. Simplicity of spaces is enriched by fine detailing of timber and steel elements“. Once inside, the visitor is visually intrigued by the mix of wood, stone finishes and slick metal cladding. With generously-sized interiors, a minimalist design approach and fine detailing, Wentworth Rd house perfectly displays the idea of comfortable modern living. [Photography: Justin Alexander]